It's our purpose to contribute
to an improved health

How we do this

VitaSquare is a specialist in small batch spray drying & encapsulation. We have a unique, babyfood grade up-scalable production plant, which allows us to co-create with our clients in finding optimal ingredients solutions.

It used to be the big that eat the small, now it's the fast that eat the slow

Extensive dialogue with leading generic, medical and clinical food players reveal dissatisfaction with many bureaucratic hurdles at large ingredient players. These leading food players express a strong need for:

  • Rapid response service providers
  • High-tech environment that supports fast track development
  • Hardware and software combinations that act
  • Short communication lines
  • Interdisciplinary teams not handcuffed by corporate strategy and policy

What makes us different?

Small batch production

We use a unique state of the art small batch production site. Our quality level allows us to create commercial babyfood powders - from stage 1. Ideal for high quality small industrial service batches, testmarketing and development.

State of the art technology

We have developed a multifunctional emulsion line, 25+ emulsion routes. Next to that we offer the latest in spray drying and encapsulation technology. We are able to produce powdered ingredients with a fat content of up to 80%. All our powdered ingredients are gaspacked.

Focused team

Our specalized team of experts works with short communication lines. We value short communication lines with our customers in order to complement each other.

Rapid response service provider

Due to the size of our operation we are able to respond quickly to your needs. We care, you have our attention and we will do our utmost to help you.

High level competencies

We are a new company, based on experienced people with specialized core competencies. A scientific network to solve complex food chemistry and process technology questions is in place.

Clean room technology

Our drying and packing installation are located within a clean room. Air is filtered and conditioned, zoning is implemented, air locks are present.

How can we help you?

VitaSquare aims to be your partner of choice for amongst others small-scale production needs, the development of new products, and your test marketing of new ingredients and products. We work together taking care of the whole process, delivering maximum service.

Small Scale Production

Vitasquare wants to be your partner in the development of niche markets, by producing spray dried & encapsulated products, even in small volumes.

Product Development

We are ready to help you with your innovation. We offer our expertise in the production of food spray dried food ingredients, and like to cooperate with you.

Test Marketing

Before you enter a market, it’s a good idea to test it. We can help you to make the right product in the right volume to test-market your innovation at low cost.